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Ideas For Using Laserfiche In Your Operations

The Laserfiche software can be configured to do almost anything related to automating processes around the handling and management of your documents and the data they contain.  This means how documents are created and submitted (Forms), how your department processes them (Workflows), how you want the data entered into the systems you work in (e.g. Banner), and how you want those documents filed for easier access (Document Management). Take a look below at just the small set of possibilities.

Admissions & Enrollment

Streamline admissions review and approval to create seamless digital experience for prospective students.

Faculty Tenure & Promotion

Accelerate tenure review and approval to drive collaborative and intelligent decision-making.

Accounts Payable

Drive compliant and accelerated financial services through integrated workflow automation.

Financial Aid

Automate financial aid processing to standardize information capture and accelerate response time for students.

Human Resources

Achieve efficient employee lifecycle management and facilitate human-centric services by reducing manual burden on staff.

Registrar Forms Processing

Simplify student requests and improve responsiveness through easy-to-use e-forms solutions.

Contract Management

Track contract versions and facilitate transparent communications through workflow automation.

Grant Administration

Streamline application compilation and activity tracking for improved faculty support.

Click the links below for videos and case studies of four solutions in action today.

Shared Services Increased Efficiency
Academic Services Office
Streamlining Student Records
Streamlined Transcript Evaluations

“We needed to move from paper files to electronic records, and Laserfiche was powerful and flexible enough to do all of the things we needed so our staff could get their jobs done.”

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