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Enterprise Content Management for the UIC System

ECM, or Enterprise Content Management, is software configured to automate the capture, management, filing, and access to documents and the information within them:

  • Capture: read data to begin workflows and send to other systems
  • Manage: move documents to insure speed, adherence, and accuracy
  • File: automated filing with consistent folder and file names
  • Access: powerful, text-search, permission-based searching
  • Compliance: manage your documents to meet UIC Records Management policies.

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How UIC Is Using Laserfiche Today

The UIC Laserfiche system is licensed and ready to help your department manage documents better, in ways simple to complex. Whether your need is a better, smarter electronic filing system for easy search and access, or an automated, paperless process to manage a multi-step financial aid process, we can help you make it a reality. Take a look at how some UIC departments are streamlining operations today, and then let’s work together on your ideas.

Making work easier for Advisors at the College of Education.

“We needed to move from paper files to electronic records, and Laserfiche was powerful and flexible enough to do all of the things we needed so our staff could get their jobs done.”

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Eliminating paper at the University Hospital HR department.

“It’s great to have all of these paper records digitized, and now we can focus on automating all of our old, paper-based processes.”

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Eliminating paper forms for petitions and other requests has eliminated scanning, photocopying, data entry and other manual tasks.

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